Ghijsen Medische Techniek

Vacuum Form Fixation moulding system by Ghijsen Medische Techniek

Our system facilitates in a perfect imprint, instantly ready for casting or 3D scanning

From imprint to the finished product, for instance sit ortheses

Ghijsen Medische Techniek supplies to many satisfied customers for many years

Unique vacuum-saddle helps bad sitting balance

Which makes horse riding possible for handicapped children or injured riders

Faxation for medical research and operations

An ideal solution for hospitals

Particularly suitable for radiation therapy and similar treatments

A posture is easily corrected and the product is Reusable many times

Make a deep impression with our Vacuum Forming Fixation System

In 1979

Developed by TNO Delft

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Our products

The system was developed in 1979 by TNO (Technical Physical Research).
Based in the Netherlands, “Ghijsen Medische  Techhniek”  has been successfully manufacturing and selling the Vacuum Forming Fixation system since 1984.
Our products are mainly used in Orthopaedics for taking body impressions where a (serious) physical deformaty of body shape exists.

Using a sealed bead filled moulding bag a deep impression of the client shape can be captured by removing the air from it, using a vacuum pump, thus allowing a corrective postural position to be achieved. Full removal of the air will fix (“freeze”) the impression required.
The finished bag shape will need to be recorded, this can be achieved using a 3D Scanner or by a Plaster of Paris cast. Once the information has been recorded the Moulding bag can be deflated for use with the next client.

We have a large number of satisfied customers mainly within Europe but also Worldwide.
The moulding bag is a durable piece of equipment and can be repeatedly used to make hundreds of individual impressions and is therefore a very cost effective and a waste preventive system.

Multiple applications

The image or cast can be used to manufacture a bespoke seating system designed to support the client, over the best optimal and convenient areas of their body.
By making the skin of the moulding bag/chair in a light grey colour our system is well suited to make use of a 3D scanning system to collect digital data, which can be used with a CNC Milling machine or with a 3D printer.

The system can also be used as fixing tool to keep the client in a set position for other applications where a fixed position is needed, such as radiotherapy.

During the course of our business we developed various applications for moulding or (temperly) fixations.


  • Vff castingchairs or bags, mattresses in several dimensions
  • Foot impression mattress (new)


  • Mattress for radiotherapy
  • Horse riding saddle for disabled children
  • Fixating tool for surgical operations
  • Medical or fysical investigations

If the needed products are not standard we can make it to order or measure.