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In 1984 GMT acquired the Vacuum Form Fixation system from TNO Delft ( the dutch physical research center) developed in 1979.

At this moment GMT is company with limited liability with 2 partners Mrs ir B.M.H.B. Beukers - Ghijsen, Mr John Herpers.
We are a small-scale company but we are growing year after year by mouth to mouth publicity and the circle of customers became bigger and bigger.
The small scale provides for a close relationship to our customers, in same cases we serve them for almost 30 years.

During the course of our company we improved our products, but the basic concept is still the same as in 1984.
The production is labour intensive by the many layers of latex but it gives a strong thin skin  but it takes many days to produce them.
By our experience we are able tot hink in advance about the problems of customers and we can produce besite standardproducts also make to order or measurements.

Our office is located in Son en Breugel and our workplace is located in Hoensbroek the Netherlands.